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125 Facts: Edna Gladney reel and real selves


The 5'1" Edna had become extremely overweight due to illness. Though she may have regretted the contrast between her reel (Blossoms In The Dust) and real selves, she did not let that keep her from undertaking any publicity that would help the Texas Children's Home and Aid Society.

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125 Fun Facts: Hemphill Campus


Buildings were constructed on Gladney's previous campus at 2300 Hemphill Street one at a time, as funds were raised for a particular building. Construction highlights included:

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125 Facts: Transitional Care


The Transitional Care program currently has more than 20 families who volunteer to care for babies. Between the time a baby is discharged from the hospital and placement day, he or she may be cared for by loving Transitional Care Families. These families are volunteers that have opened their hearts and homes to care for Gladney babies waiting to be adopted.

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125 Facts: Gladney Hemphill Campus


The Gladney campus on Hemphill Street was built around the original West Texas Maternity Hospital, which was located between the health clinic (formerly Duncan Memorial hospital) and the Nina B. Reese Counseling Center. Construction for the current campus (6300 John Ryan drive) began in October, 2000.

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125 Facts: Fictional elements of Blossoms in the Dust


Though the story of Blossoms in the Dust was fictionalized, much of it was based on fact. Edna's illegitimacy - known only to Ralph Wheelwright - became the foster sister Charlotte. Her tubal pregnancy was depicted as a son who died young. Tony was based on an actual baby at the Home whom Edna called Sam and wanted to adopt. The tense courtroom scene with the blackmailing birth father was based on an actual case with a birth mother.

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125 Facts: Gladney Milling Company


Sam Gladney, Edna's husband, bought the Sherman (Texas) Mill and Grain Company in May, 1913. He changed the name to The Gladney Milling Company. A publicity campaign resulted in Gladiola Flour and all of the flour sacks had a picture of colorful gladiolas.

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125 Facts: Actress Greer Garson


Actress Greer Garson, who played Edna Gladney in the movie Blossoms in the Dust, died in 1996. Shortly thereafter, the E.E. Fogelson and Greer Garson Fogelson Charitable foundation in Dallas gave $500,000 to The Gladney Fund in support of the endowment. Interested in donating? Visit our website to learn more!

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