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Congratulations to our Gladney Colombia Program families!

Gladney's adoptive parents who have created their families through our Colombia International Adoption Program are outstanding in sharing their experiences to others who are going through this process.

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Mother of 5 From Colombia Interviewed on Colombia Radio

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I clearly remember the first contact I made with Gladney Center for Adoption in September of 08 and following that, the application in October. The final result was returning home with our two beautiful daughters Lina and Luisa in less than a year.

For us, the process was very smooth despite the numerous paperwork. Although we had first thought of adopting one little girl, it was evident after finding out about two pre-teen sisters at Casa de Maria, we knew that these were our girls. During our waiting period, we had spoken to them by webcam and on that first call it was as if we had known them all our lives. The most tedious part was the amount of paperwork and documentations we had to submit, but once all our approvals were obtained we were off to Medellin, Colombia.

We arrived in Colombia on Sunday during the flower festival celebrations which is an annual event. There was just a sense of happiness in the air. We stayed at the Intercontinental in Medellin where they had the most beautiful displays of flowers everywhere. We met our daughters the very next day and what a meeting that was!! We were all so excited and happy. The girls were dressed beautifully they were very polite and well mannered. Our stay in Colombia lasted 5 weeks. We met with the Minor Defender who works on behalf of the children, we were also assigned our attorney who was just an excellent professional young woman. Our translator Gloria was the most helpful to us, making our wait time as pleasant as she could, she was responsible for transporting us to all our appointments.

We spent some of our time keeping appointments, getting the girls immunization records updated, new birth certificates and obtaining their passports etc but most of all bonding with them as we went through our days. We spent lots of time at the hotel pool where our daughters actually learnt to swim.

Arriving home was exciting for us all, meeting family and friends. However school was about to start in just a few days so we got busy right away with school preparations. The adjustment has been fairly normal for our family, Lina was admitted to 5th grade and Luisa to 8th. The girls seem to adjust quite easily even with the challenge of a new culture, school, family, etc. We kept being amazed at how well they have done and continue to do. The hardest for them initially was the language which they struggled with quite a bit, especially our older daughter Luisa. However with a lot of support and tutoring their English is improving daily and with that comes the confidence. I must mention that the Casita instilled a lot of good values in our daughters of which we are so grateful. --Jan

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