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Q: Are there female children with minor correctable issues available? If so, what is the time frame from identifying the child to the application to travel?
A: There are many children, both female and male available for adoption, however there are consistently more boys available than girls.  These children range in age from 12 months to 13 years with the majority of children being two years and older.  All children under the age of 6 have a diagnosed medical condition; while the children 6 years of age and older can be healthy or have a medical need.  The time frame to be matched with a child will vary depending on the age/gender of the child the parents request as well as their openness to medical needs. Some parents match very quickly, while other families will consider profiles for several months prior to matching.  Families who have more limited preferences will wait longer to be matched so Gladney encourages all parents to be as open in their preferences as possible, while still being realistic about specific family situations and available resources.
Q:  What are examples of “minor” medical needs?
A:  The term “minor” is really in the eye of the beholder.  A medical need that one family considers to be “minor” might be overwhelming to another family.  That being said, most parents who are open to “minor” needs feel more comfortable with medical needs that are correctable or easily managed on a daily basis such as cleft lip/palate, limb differences/deformities, correctable heart conditions and issues that have already been treated in China.  Gladney has placed children with minor needs, as well as children with more significant medical needs such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, complicated heart defects and other medical conditions.
Q: How does Gladney received referrals of children in the China program?
A: For several years Gladney primarily received referrals of children from orphanages that were part of our “one to one” partnership relationships.  However, on July 18, 2017, CCCWA issued an announcement to confirm that they will not continue the “one to one” partnership program any longer.  There is a grace period for agencies to receive “partnership” referrals through Dec. 21, 2017 for any child’s file that has been successfully processed by the province where the child resides.  Gladney expects to continue to receive profiles through 2017 from our partnerships.  The other option for receiving referrals from China is through the Shared List, which is a database available to agencies with current China programs.  New referrals are added to the Shared List on a regular basis and can be matched to families in the program.  Younger children with more minor needs are available only for families that have a dossier logged in with CCCWA.  Additional options for receiving referrals may be clarified in the future by CCCWA.
Q:  How do we get matched with a child?  Do we need to be in the program or can we match with a child that we saw on the Superkids blog before turning in an application?
A:  Families that sign up with Gladney’s program and have dossiers logged in or are working on dossiers are always given priority for matching with available children.    However, children with more significant or multiple medical needs may be able to be tentatively matched with families that are new to the adoption process if there is not a Gladney family for the child.  Children that are advocated for via the Superkids blog are generally open for new families to consider, however it is best to inquire with a China staff member to confirm if the child is still available or matched.
Q:  Our family is open to several medical needs, but we have young children at home and need to be realistic about what we can take on and still keep up with the demands of our busy family.  Is this a good program for us?
A:  The more open a family is on medical needs, the more children are available to be matched with the family.  However, even a family that is limited in what types of medical needs they can handle can still be matched in the China Waiting Child program if there is flexibility in age/gender preferences.  It is best to speak with a China staff member to get an idea of whether or not your specific preferences are a good fit with the program.
Q:  Are there any grants available?  Adopting is so expensive!
A:  The total cost of adoption can seem prohibitive to many willing families!  There are several outside resources for grants for families, and many workplaces offer adoption assistance.  Gladney also offers grants to families adopting children with Down Syndrome as well as children that are part of the “Former Shared List” (FSL) Project.  Additional grant money may be available through the Asia Adoption Support Fund depending on financial need.
Q:  What is Superkids?
A:  Superkids is a Gladney Humanitarian Aid program that works to improve the lives of orphans worldwide.  You can learn more about Superkids here. 
Q: I am on an anti-depressive. Could I still be a candidate to adopt from China if I have a doctor's note?
A: Yes, CCCWA guidelines now show some flexibility for parents in this area.
Q: Are there any boys available for adoption?
A: Yes, there are boys of all ages available for adoption from China.
Q: Can we start to submit paperwork to adopt from China if we are pregnant knowing that the referral could take up to 2 years or is that not allowed?
A: China requires that the prospective parents' youngest child be at least 3 years old at the time the dossier is submitted. You must wait until your youngest child is about 2.5 years old before beginning the adoption process.
Q: What is the CCCWA's policy if one of the parents has medical issues while the other does not? Will they deny a couple who is in this situation?
A: The new guidelines established by the CCCWA indicate some flexibility.  Please contact a caseworker who can review your specific medical condition. 
Q: Is adoption in China "open" or "closed"?
A:  The terms "open" and closed" as they often are used in adoption, refer to the type of exchange of information regarding the biological and adoptive families. In China, adoptions are considered "closed", that is, there is usually no identifying information available regarding the biological family, and thus there is no sharing of information between the families.
Q: I will be having surgery in a few weeks. Will that disqualify us from adopting from China?
A: Surgery doesn't disqualify a person from adopting. However, it is important for you to share information about the surgery and whether or not you have any other health concerns.
Q: Can our child travel with us as well?
A: Families are allowed to have their children (or another family member) travel with them to China for the adoption. However, you will want to talk with your caseworker about this before making final decisions.
Q: Is there any way of getting around the travel requirement of having to go to China? My husband and I couldn't take that much time off of work. Can the child be flown to Indiana?
A: It is Gladney's preference that both parents travel to the foreign country. However, we will work with couples should only one parent be able to travel, however at least one spouse must travel to China to complete the adoption. 
Q: What are the fees to adopt from China?
A: For a detailed break-down of the fees, please click on "Get Started Today."

Q: Can you tell me more about the maximum weight limit of adoptive parents that is in place in China?
A: Both prospective parents should have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or less.
Q: Do both parents have to be 30 or older or does only one?
A: Yes, both parents must be 30 years old to adopt from China.  Families may start the application process prior to the youngest spouse turning 30, however the dossier may not be submitted to China until the 30th birthday has occurred.
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