China Adoption Travel Requirements


Adoptive parents must travel to China to meet the child they will be adopting and finalize the adoption.  Gladney always encourages both parents to travel, however, in certain cases one parent may be approved to travel.

The adoption trip is approximately 15-17 days, including 3 days to travel to and from China, and 12-14 days to stay in China. Once the  "Notice of Coming to China for Adoption" is issued by the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) and Gladney has been able to confirm a visa appointment with the American Consulate General in Guangzhou, parents may travel to China for the adoption.   

Families will meet their referred child shortly after they arrive to the local province in China where their child is currently residing.  The child will stay with the family through the adoption process in China.

When adoptive families are ready to start preparing for travel to China,  Gladney will arrange all "in-China" travel arrangements.  Adoptive families are only responsible for arranging their international roundtrip travel from their home city in the U.S. to/from China.  Before adoptive parents travel to China, an "in-China" itinerary with daily details will be provided. While in China, Gladney's English-speaking representatives will assist families throughout the two week trip to take care of all adoption matters and other local needs.

The adoption of your child is considered final in China upon completion of the following processes.

With the Chinese government, parents needs to complete:

1.     Adoption registration with the local civil affairs administration;

2.     Adoption notarization with the local notary office; and

3.     Passport application with the passport office of the local public security department.

With the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, one needs to complete:

1.     Physical examination in Guangzhou at a Chinese clinic designated by the U.S. Government; and

2.     Visa application on behalf of the adopted child.

To learn more about adopting from China, please request one of Gladney's comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 1-800-INT-ADOP.



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