At Gladney, when we think about diversity, we think about culture, richness and heritage. Our ABC program was created from the desire to honor the culture and heritage of African American and Biracial children.

The ABC program represents Gladney's commitment to meeting the needs of African American and Biracial (African American and Caucasian or African American and Hispanic) children. Gladney prepares our ABC families to meet these needs through parent education and specific preparation devoted to this program. We offer ongoing seminars and workshops on topics of interest to our ABC families.

Gladney welcomes parents of all races into this program and there is a particular need for families of color. Admission to this program is limited to those who meet the following guidelines:

  • We believe it is every African American and Biracial child's birth right to grow up in a family who shares in their cultural identity. Gladney welcomes parents of all races into this program, and there is a particular need for families of color.
  • Both prospective adoptive parents are between the ages of 24 and 45 years of age
  • Married for a minimum of one year
  • Live in the United States
  • One parent must be a U.S. citizen

Our ABC Program Offers:

  • Flexibility in the adoption process.
  • Guidance from experienced staff.
  • Experienced and respected legal staff.
  • Assistance in developing a family profile.
  • Membership in a parent support group.
  • Specialized parenting education.
  • Post-adoption support services.
  • Confidentiality, unless both parties agree to more openness throughout the process.

The Toy and Its Story

ABC Program Alphabet building blocks were originally developed in 17th-century England. Today they are a standard toy found in homes across America. In 2003, ABC blocks were named one of America's toys of great educational significance by the National Toy Hall of Fame.

To learn more about the ABC program, please request a free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packet. Make your request on-line or by calling 800-687-3097.


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